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"All Leakdown Testers 
are TEMPORARILY out of stock"

Some accessories are available, e-mail for details.

Standard and "Balt" models are out of stock.  Sorry for any inconvienence.  
We will be back with more stock this winter.  Keep checking this website for updates.

Three Models to Choose From !!!!!!!!!



(IN THE LOWER 48 STATES) *See below for International Shipping Information

The "MEGA-BALT" model has a two HUGE 4" gauges

90-Degree Adapter Hose Assembly


(IN THE LOWER 48 STATES) *See below for International Shipping Information


You need one of these for the Merc Inlines

Available as complete hose assemblies

Moisture Filter Option


(IN THE LOWER 48 STATES) *See below for International Shipping Information


If you have any moisture in your compressed air system, you may want consider adding a moisture filter to your order

All models come with complete easy to understand instructions.  You can go to the instruction page on this website and download the instructions for all models.  This is the lifeblood of troubleshooting any internal combustion engine.  Without it, you are just guessing. 
Unlike store bought units, the gauges on these are matched to insure accuracy. Even good quality gauges are +/- 2% so if you don't match up and calibrate the gauges your percentage of leakdown could be off by that amount.
Everyone remembers how to do a compression test: Screw in the tester, flip the kill switch to "off", hold the throttle wide open, and hit the starter. The cylinder takes in air and compresses it, and the tester traps it. The maximum is reached when the gauge holds the maximum pressure that the engine can produce. The weakness of this test is that throttle position, engine temperature, ambient air temperature, and a host of other factors can make the results vary considerably. What's worse, a compression test checks too many engine components at the same time. A poor reading can indicate so many things, it's hard to tell which engine part is at fault without doing a lot of other tests. A leakdown tester avoids this difficulty. Air is pumped into the cylinder from an outside source. The large gauge reads the percentage that escapes. This not only eliminates all of the aforementioned variables, but also as a bonus, makes it a simple matter to pinpoint the source of the leakage by rotating the engine while the test is underway.
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